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You are decidedly a do-it-yourself enthusiast if you have made up your mind to organize the relocation all by your self, including driving the moving truck!

There are many like you who prefer self moving trucks and their reasons could be any of the following:

-         They are trying to save cost of hiring professional moving company to transport their goods.

-         Their destination city is not very far, and driving down the highway can be easy.

-         They have adequate experience in driving on the highway, that also such a heavy-weight truck.

Whatever be your own personal reason for opting for self moving trucks be assured that you can hire your truck from many of the most reputed moving companies of the country. The rates are affordable but may vary according to the season and time of the month when you wish to hire the truck. For instance the peak season for relocation starts from mid June and lasts till mid September. During this season, you can hire the moving truck provided they are available. Also the beginning and ending of the month are also times when most people relocate and there is usually a heavy demand on trucks. As the demand rises, do does the price. Thus it is wise to hire a truck during off-peak season, when you could even avail of attractive discounts.

Before you hire a truck, you must clearly assess the volume of your goods. This will help you to hire the right size of truck. Most truck rental companies offer you a size guide who can help you decide. 

Like every aspect of relocation, you must do a thorough research before you hire the services of a truck rental company. The best option in such cases is to check with one of your friends or colleagues who has hired a truck and driven it himself. There is no alternative to personal experience in such situations.

There are a lot of issues which you have to confront when hiring self moving truck. Here are some basic guidelines:

-         Most truck rental agencies will demand a deposit before you pick up the truck. While some accept debit/credit cards, some may not.

-         You have to have a valid driverís license and if you have a co-driver (spouses are also treated as co-drivers) a valid driving license is also required.

-         There are many age limitations both for the driver as well as the co-driver. Ask your truck rental agency for detailed information about these clauses.

-         In most cases you will have to pay fares for two-way journey, though you are taking a one-way trip only.

-         You must ensure that the gas tank is full when you pick up the truck. Similarly, when you return the truck, you must fill it up again. If you fail to do so, the rental agency will fill up the tank but charge you additional fees for doing this job.

-         Take adequate insurance cover when you take the truck on the highway. Though the rental agency would offer you additional coverage, check with your current insurance and Credit Card Company whether you and your goods are covered when you drive the truck yourself.


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