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Self Service Moving - Full Service Moving Versus Self Service Moving

 People thinking of moving interstate or long distance have the option of choosing between self service moving and full service moving.

 The major differences between self service and full service moving are the effort, time and cost involved during the transportation process.

 On the other hand, full service moving involves experienced and trained professionals, who possess the knowledge of transporting and packing your items safely. The process of moving in a full service moving is a focused service, which includes supplies, special equipment, a specialized staff and trucks. The personnel of specialized moving organizations such as foreman, crews are offered extensive training on proper packing procedures for secure transportation of your goods.

 The right kind of equipment and proper supplies and packing procedures can significantly decrease the threat of damage to the goods. Professional movers also provide drivers and necessary equipments required to meet the deadline. In a full service moving option, a mover from the organization will visit the home and provide accurate and estimates of the moving charges. When the mover visits your house, he will be able to identify certain needs with the information on the kinds of items to be shifted.



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Cost Effective:

Most of the time, self service moving option costs less in comparison to the full service moving option. In the self service moving option, you have very less control over the loading and packing of the household items. You may rent a portable storage unit and use it for certain days and store the goods needed for transportation purposes until the moving day.


 Many times, a self service moving option becomes similar to a house improvement project. It is a huge possibility, if you are using the self service moving option to cost you more and take much more time than expected. Once the process of self service moving begins, you may come across many things that you were unaware of.


If you have a small budget and want to carry out the job required in a self service move yourself, do some research with various self service moving organizations and note the quotes from them.

 The last thing you may do is compare the prices of a self service moving service against the full service moving option to make a wise decision of choosing between both of them according to your needs

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