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Auto Moving

An auto transport broker can help you to find the best way of moving your auto to the destination. Auto transport brokers act as mediators between people who want to move their cars and the auto transport companies, which use their trucks to move cars.

 Some auto shipping brokers own trucks, which they use to transport autos. Several auto transport services use their own trucks to ship cars and also act as brokers.  

An auto transportation broker will have a lot of knowledge and experience related to the transport industry and a vast network of contacts with auto transport carriers.  

 Auto transportation brokers check the licenses and insurance of the auto carriers. You may be able to get a lower rate from an auto shipping broker than you would get by approaching an auto transport company directly.

 Auto transport brokers are able to negotiate big discounts because they help auto transport companies to fill up empty spaces in trucks. They play an important role in the transport industry and help to fulfill the needs of auto transport carriers as well as shippers.

 The legal responsibility of the auto freight broker is over as soon as the task of moving your car has been assigned to an auto transport co. However, brokers usually provide additional service to their customers for free, and your broker may keep you informed about the progress of the auto transport truck carrying your car.

It is preferable to deal with a highly regarded car transport broker or auto transporter, instead of making a selection only on the basis of the lowest quote. Be careful if you get a quote which is much lower than the rest. Check to see if there are any hidden charges involved.

Even though a reputable auto shipping broker can help you to find the best way to move your car, many people prefer to interact directly with auto transport companies. To find the best deal you can obtain quotes from several brokers and auto carriers. Look for a licensed and bonded broker and check to see if the auto carrier is licensed and has adequate insurance.  

To get free auto transport quotes from pre-screened car transport brokers and vehicle transport companies in your area, please fill out the form provided here. Your contact details will never be given to anyone without your consent. This is a free offer and there are no obligations involved at all. 


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